How To Use CBD Oil For Asthma

CBD is a huge product these days, and everyone seems to be using it for something. But for many people this leaves more questions than answers about how to actually use CBD and what to use it for. CBD can be used in several ways: Isolate powders (mixed with food or drink) Oils (taken sublingually) … Read more

How To Take CBD With Asthma – Isolate, Oil or Vape

If you found this article, you’re probably interested in CBD to help treat your asthma symptoms, or taking it already but wanting to change things up. I’ve written extensively about how CBD helps manage my asthma symtpms, and regular readers will know I’m a big fan of its proven anti-inflammatory properties and calming effects. But, … Read more

How CBD Helps Sleep – Gummies, Oil, Capsules

Can CBD help you sleep better? As someone living with a chronic illness, I know how important it is to get good sleep. Sleep is when the body regenerates and rejuvenates itself. Sleep is also when our minds make sense of the day and prepares for the next one. Yet so many people struggle to … Read more

CBD Oil Health Benefits: What The Experts Say

CBD oil health benefits is what everyone is talking about these. It seems like everyone and their grandmother is taking CBD oil for its purported health benefits. Many people even have personal stories and anecdotes about how CBD has helped them with this or that condition, mainly sleep and anxiety. But is all the hype … Read more

Why I Use CBD For My Asthma

How CBD Helps With Asthma: CBD is a complicated topic, so using it for something like controlling asthma can seem daunting. Never fear, my experience and research will make the choice a lot easier. In general, CBD helps with asthma by reducing inflammation and relaxing the nervous system. CBD is a natural bronchodilator and antispasmodic … Read more